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Andrew M. Cuomo, Governor

Master Trainer Resource Page

  1. New NYESS Training (PPT)
  2. NYESS Training Video (Zip File)
    Save this file to your computer.
    After you have saved it, extract all the files to a destination on your computer and use the startup.html file to play the video.
    You will need to have an extracting or archiving program such as Winzip or Winrar installed on your computer. You can download a free program to extract the files by going here:Universal ExtractorLeaving New York Employment Services System site
  3. OSOS Training v5.3.01Leaving New York Employment Services System site (Requires Username and Password)
  4. OSOS Desk Guide for Ticket to Work Tab (PDF)
  5. Confidentiality and Non-Disclosure Agreement (Word)
  6. Facilitator Guide (PDF)
  7. Training Session Agenda (PDF)
  8. Searching for a Specific Customer in OSOS (PDF)
  9. Searching for a Customer - Bullet Style (PDF)
  10. OSOS Troubleshooting Desk Guide (PDF)
  11. System Navigation and Design (PDF)
  12. ONET Information (PDF)
  13. Writing an Effective Case Note in OSOS (PDF)
  14. Alphabet Soup for Workforce Staff (PDF)
  15. Fact Sheet-SMART (PDF)
  16. Performing a Search (PDF)
  17. Conversion Chart for Tracking Service Hours-Minutes to Decimals (PDF)
  18. Calendar for Activities (PDF)
  19. One-Stop Locations and NYS Map_2-15-11 (PDF)
  20. Career Zone Fact Sheet (PDF)
  21. Job Zone Fact Sheet (PDF)
  22. NYS Job Bank Fact Sheet for Employers (PDF)
  23. NYS Job Bank Fact Sheet for Job Seekers (PDF)
  24. Case Study 1 Activities Guide (PDF) (Revised 10-28-11)
  25. Case Study 2 Activities Guide (PDF) (Revised 10-28-11)
  26. Template for Logout Warning Stickers (PDF) (use 4" x 5", 4-up per page label paper)